Yarn for hand knitting

A. Valčiukienė’s yarn spinning mill devotes assiduous attention to the production which can be used for hand-knitting and making various handicrafts. Our product is “Live yarn” which is an exceptional, multi-coloured yarn line.

“Live Yarn” is the line of woolen and semi-woolen yarn of different colours meant for enjoyable knitting. A scarf, a cap, gloves or socks, knitted from this yarn, will wrap you and your close people up with exceptional warmth – the knitwear will be permeated with cosiness, softness, and affection; in addition, the production will be long-lasting.

The palette of “Live Yarn” consists of 30 colours, and we call it “multi-coloureds”.
“Multi-coloureds” is an exceptional and unique product. As the thread changes its color several times throughout its length, the changing colours produce a spark of originality. This effect is brought about by dyeing wool in different colours in the process of carding.

Rainy autumn and cold winter evenings are closely associated with a cup of steaming tea and… woolen socks. For knitting of warm woolen socks we advise and propose woolen, no. 5 three-thread yarn.
Course woolen and smoother semi-woolen, no 5 two-thread yarn will be ideal for finer knitwear.